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Here are Do and Don’t to Remember During Family Therapy

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Family counseling comes with unique challenges. Counselling of a single person is demanding in itself and it becomes even hard to manage when more people are added to the session. Families come with their own existing dynamics and ways of communicating, none of which might be conducive.

Each family has its unique issues and tendencies of understanding family members also differs from individual to individual. Here, in this article, we are covering some of the do and don’t that should be kept in mind during family therapy West Palm Beach:

Do Let Family Dynamics Emerge Naturally

It is particularly important during crucial sessions to let the family structure and issues emerge naturally. The intricate issues that the family members are facing amongst them can hardly be surmised during the introductory session. Try to put aside family demographics or socio economics factors that might lead to assumptions or generalizations. Try to get in touch with counsellors who can guide the conversation in a general way to avoid provoking reactions that fit their own agendas.

Don’t Take Sides

The counsellors that don’t take sides of either of the family members are the ones you need to trust. Even an ethical action can be constructed in some family members’ eyes as if it is meant to expose or target him or her. Make sure you are trusting the counsellors who know how to walk that fine line while dealing with the families. An aggrieved family member could seize upon the faintest hint of taking sides, so it’s the job of counselor to make sure that this is not happening.

Do let the family know why they are seeking counseling

Some families see counseling as a last resort because they don’t want to admit to family faults. However, for any progress to be made once counselling is started, families will be required to name the problem that pushed them to seek the treatment. Counselors can empower the family members to identify their stresses, their emotions and their thoughts in a manner that is another setting.

Don’t forget to consider emotions in context of dynamics

A lot of time, it’s hard to guess what one individual in the family feels in relation to other family members. Anger and distrust among others, among other emotions, manifests what family members feel in relation to each other. It is important to note here that how you feel is not the full story that affects your families. Don’t consider emotions and be clear about everything with your counselor. Try to be as transparent with your counsellors as you can regarding your family issues.

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